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About JD Breast Cancer Foundation

The JD Breast Cancer Foundation was named to honor Jacqueline Dobransky, a vibrant young woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33 and who passed away just one short year later in 1998. During her illness, Jacqueline unsuccessfully sought resources and support that could help her both cope with her illness, and make decisions unique to those in her age group with this disease. In her memory, Jacqueline’s family and friends started the JD Breast Cancer Foundation with the goal of providing resources to younger women in Northern Ohio undergoing treatment for breast cancer.​

In order to best serve the Northeast Ohio community, the JD Breast Cancer Foundation has adapted over the last 20 years as community needs have changed and other great organizations have thrived. The Foundation currently focuses on providing short-term financial assistance to qualified individuals in Northeast Ohio who are currently in, or have completed active treatment for breast cancer in the past twelve months, and inspiring those who have been touched by breast cancer. 



Our ​board of directors is the backbone of our mission. They are committed to excellence and are passionate about the individuals they serve and assisting in whatever way possible to help survivors move forward. Many members of our board have family and friends who have been touched by cancer and recognize the importance of compassion and support. JDBCF knows the road during treatment and beyond is treacherous and no one should travel it alone.


Kathryn Crestani  |  President

Donna Rypinski  |  Vice President

Nathaniel Sinn |  Vice President

Jim Moley  |  Treasurer

Glendoria Burris

Lauren Davis

Jennifer Hardy

Michele Ljubi

Dawn Minotas

Kimberly Smith

Erick Tanko

Lauren Willhelm

Jon Kozesky  |  Executive Director​

Susannah Selnick  |  Co-Executive Director

Our Commitment


We will do what it takes to get help to those who need it in a timely manner.


We are flexible enough to meet the changing needs of our clients.

Exceed Expetations

We care enough to exceed expectations, do the very best, and go the extra mile to deliver what is needed and best for our clients.


We value accountability to each other and our clients, financial stewardship, and commitment to our mission. 

Respect for All

We have respect for our board, staff and volunteers; we respect the humanity of the people we serve at all stages of their journey. 

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